Outdoor venues


Lounge  Terrace  Lounge


Courtyard terrace and garden


The Courtyard terrace is situated in the interior yard of the Citadella. It can be approached from two directions: through the arched stone gate located at the northern side of the Citadella and via the staircase built on the south side. It has a split-level 550m2 terrace and a 700m2 garden with various greeneries. The terrace and the garden are best for corporate parties and promotions, car shows, family days, musical performances and other outdoor events.




The Glacis is a 6500m2 green area located on the northern part of the Citadella. Its slight slopes and the vista over the Danube make it an exceptional site for concerts, cultural programs or family days. A stage or tent may be erected, if the appropriate permit is obtained.


Citadella Promenade


During the previous years the promenade encircling the Citadella proved to be an excellent place to organize sport-, and other social events: e.g. festivals, fairs, bicycle and running competitions, box derby etc. In total the outdoor sites can receive 3-4000 persons. Service can also be provided on the above sites if requested by clients. The outdoor sites are easily accessible by car or bus; free parking is available for approx. 50-60 cars.


Panorama Terrace


This 400m2 stone-covered area is situated at the eastern corner of the Citadella, at the footing of the Statue of liberty. It offers a panoramic view and is suitable for organizing concerts, celebrations, cultural programs etc.